Petersen Landscaping and Design - Landscape Planning in Cheshire County NH

Every landscape project should begin with a well executed plan. We provide extensive landscape plans to give our customers a vision of the landscape they want. All our plans clearly illustrate the types of plants we intend on using, color and type of flowers, the stone we will incorporate for the hardscapes, and any other different landscaping elements that will be included. A landscape plan is a great idea because it gives both the customer and ourselves a cost structure. We can design any landscape plan to fit into what ever budget is provided to us.

Landscape plans, or site plans, are very extensive. Listed below are the items we include on all of our plans:
» Property line and acreage - if boundaries are not defined, a land surveyor will need to come to the site and define the borders
» Grade changes
» Outdoor living spaces, or hardscaped areas, with dimensions and type of stone to be used
» Flower gardens with different plant types listed
» Shrubs and trees to be planted - both type and color
» Drainage solutions - materials listed
» Location of existing structures - ex. homes, sheds, garages, etc.
» Exposure directions
» Total project cost - each section may be broken down into price specs

Petersen Landscaping and Design - Landscaping Plans in Keene NH